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Yogateeth was founded by a passionate dental hygienist. Heather Bolton (@theyogihygienist) observed from the beginning of dental hygiene school that hygienists were either stressed or experiencing burnout. She began incorporating mindfulness into her dental hygiene school program and instagram from her yoga teaching experience. Her awareness encouraged the creation of Yogateeth!


Designed by a Dental Hygienist + Yoga Teacher Professional

Heather Bolton (@theyogihygienist) wanted a specific type of dental hygiene journal during school. She looked everywhere and nothing was found. For this reason,  she created the FIRST mindful journal for dental hygienists which also sparked other products. Her mission is to heal minds and teeth. 

Every item is mindfully designed and made to incorporate mindfulness into the dental professional world. The products advocate for healing minds + teeth by serving as an aid for your mindfulness. 





Who said mindfulness and yoga is only for the flexible?

Everybody can do yoga anywhere.

Incorporating mindfulness as a dental professional

No matter where you are in your journey Yogateeth wants to be part of your journey.

Mindfulness and yoga can be practiced anywhere or anytime. As dental professionals we provide personalized treatment plans, mindfulness is the same way. Your body does not need to fit yoga, yoga fits you! You get to choose how you want to move your body or where your mind goes. 

Heather wants all her patients and friends to have the opportunity to heal their mind + teeth. 

Her first choice for Yogateeth

Heather's official first choice was to donate 32 dental hygiene kits in honor of her 32nd birthday. She figured this would be fitting since the adult dentition has 32 teeth! 

She was joyfully overwhelmed with the supplies donated. She assembled the kits and gave them throughout the year to those in need.

Yogateeth believes in having compassion, serving, and healing minds + teeth.                    #youmatterteethmatter

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