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Bathroom Kit

Rachel's Favorite Hygiene Products

Here's a few of my very favorite hygiene products that I use everyday, whether I am at home or in the dental operatory with my patients!

oral b io.png


My favorite oral hygiene product by far is the electric toothbrush and the Oral-B iO is the best of the bunch. The best part is the timer that makes sure I'm brushing for 2 minutes and the smiley face I get when I meet the time limit.


The glide pro health floss has been a staple of mine for a long time. I struggled with finding a good floss that was comfortable and didn't tear easily. When I found this floss I never bought anything else again!

crest gum detoxify.png


Crest has an amazing line of toothpastes but the gum detoxify tips the scale as my all time favorite. It's also my go to toothpaste for transitioning kids over to adult toothpaste because it tastes so good! 


Cool Mint is my favorite flavor of the listerine mouthwashes. Fun Fact: I actually initially chose this mouthwash cause I liked the way it looked and still love it to this day!

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