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Dental Hygiene Nation and Yogateeth

Celebrating Dentistry: Hygienist's Supporting Hygienist's

Check out Dental Hygiene Nation's Entire Post on The Butterfly Effect here:

"The Butterfly Effect is simply the idea that small events, no matter how small, can have a large influence on the future." -Dental Hygiene Nation

1. Small things can have a large influence, Caitlyn Rastetter, founder of Dental Hygiene Nation lifted me up by believing in me. Her gestures may have been small to her, but it had a large impact on me. I expected rivalry, but instead received support.

2. COMPLIMENT RATIO of 3:1 Compliments in the workplace for our patients and fellow colleagues are vital for our positive transformations. How do you show support and kindness?

3. Take your time and build relationships Relationships can take time, however I was beyond grateful that Caitlyn offered to be a mentor for me. Sometimes we need to put ourself out there, and others put themselves out there for us. Who inspires you?

Written by Heather, @theyogihygeinist

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