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The Aligned Hygienist Podcast Interview with Heather Bolton

In this episode of The Aligned Hygienist podcast, we're talking to Heather Bolton about Mindfulness in Dentistry. Heather, @theyogihygienist is the original founder of Yogateeth, podcaster, author, yoga teacher, and RDH. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Behavioral Science in 2012. After graduating, she completed yoga teacher training and returned to school to pursue a second degree in dental hygiene at The Utah College of Dental Hygiene (UCDH).

While attending UCDH, she served as her SADHA chapter Secretary and Co-Chair of the professional excellence committee. The college awarded her the Three Missions Award, and was voted by her SADHA chapter, "Most Likely to be The Next Esther Wilkins, in honor of being the most influential icon of class." Her passions are periodontics and helping patients with dental anxiety.

She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration Healthcare Management and a RDH Treatment Coordinator Team Lead at a Periodontist Office. She founded Yogateeth to advocate healing minds and teeth. Her mantra is, "better weird than mean," and admires genuinely kind people.

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